If you are experiencing consistent foot pain when you are walking, standing, at work or playing sports, then you may benefit from seeing a Sports Podiatrist near Paddington – Orthotic Solutions Podiatry has three clinics local to Paddington – Bondi Junction (formerly known as Eastern Suburbs Sports Podiatry), Kensington (South Sydney Sports Medicine Centre) and Maroubra, which is less than 20 minutes from Paddington. Our experienced sports podiatry team are dedicated to delivering a fresh approach to custom orthotics and sports podiatry. We will help you to find comfortable solutions to alleviate those foot, leg, knee and even lower back aches & pains. Paddington residents can be assured that our Sydney sports podiatry team offer –
Biomechanical assessments incorporating video treadmill gait analysis to accurately assess your foot and leg complaints.
Explanation of all findings in terms that you will understand so that we develop a treatment plan together to get you back on track.

If custom-made orthotics are part of that plan, we guarantee the shells to last more than 4 years. However, if you have any issues with them within the first 12 months, we don’t charge you any extra for consultations to rectify the problem (damaged orthotics excluded).

Not everyone needs custom-made orthotics, so we also provide pre-made orthotics at a fraction of the cost of custom-made, and we are upfront about what custom orthotics cost – see our Podiatry Fees page.

Advice to help you select the best sports shoes for your feet and favourite activities.

Assistance with children’s “growing pains”. We can advise what is ‘Within Normal Limits’ and we don’t go straight for the $400 kids orthotics!! Please see ‘Children’s Flat Feet Treatment – The Truth About Kids Orthotics!’ for more information as custom-made orthotics are not always the answer.

Help with complaints such as metatarsalgia, bunions, arch pain, shin splints, heel pain & heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, runners knee and lower back pain.

Our Paddington local podiatrist offers the following services –


We are skilled in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries of the feet and lower limbs. Through our comprehensive biomechanical assessment techniques utilising video treadmill gait analysis we are able to accurately diagnose your condition and formulate a treatment plan that works from the ground up. We have vast experience in dealing with recreational athletes in the Paddington area all the way up to international level competitors, so your feet & legs are in safe hands.


We are able to assist with workers compensation & third party claims assessment and treatment. We can also have vast experience with independent medico legal assessments and reporting when necessary.


Our Maroubra Junction clinic offers general podiatry services for Paddington residents. Nails, warts, corns, callus and other routine treatments are all performed with the care and attention that you deserve. We offer a complete range of procedures to treat all ailments from unsightly corns to ingrown toenails. Your foot care is our primary concern and we comply with all Australian Government legislation and all instruments are autoclaved accordingly.


Our local clinics near Paddington offer the following services:
Analysis of old shoe wear patterns – we can determine which shoes are most appropriate for you to wear by evaluating the wear pattern on your old shoes.This careful analysis will make your next choice of footwear less daunting as we can recommend the right models and brands to suit your feet and gait.
Orthotic recovering and repair – orthotics are not meant to last forever but you should get at least 4 years wear out of the structural components. Often the top cover may need replacing after a year or 2. Recovering and repairing will usually cost much less than a brand new set of orthotics. Bring in your old orthotics (regardless of who made them) and we will give you an honest appraisal of your options, the cost and the time it will take to repair them.
At Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, we understand how much anyone’s comfort can be affected by foot and lower leg pain. Our local Paddington podiatrists can help you to be pain free for every step of your day.

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