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Treadmill Gait Analysis

gait assessment

Simply explained, gait analysis is the examination of how we walk or run. Gait analysis can be used to identify abnormalities in foot movements that may be affecting the function of the legs and overall body position.

Clinical gait analysis is one facet of a complete biomechanical assessment that should be performed by an experienced foot specialist in Sydney such as our team members at Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.

Along with joint and muscle assessment, the gait analysis part of a sports podiatrist’s biomechanical assessment to determine the function of your feet whilst walking or running on a treadmill.

For that extra level of expertise, our gait analysis is performed (where appropriate) on our treadmill and assessed via video so that we can slow down each phase of your gait cycle.

A full gait analysis by our local Sydney sports podiatry team member will assess your phases of gait –

Why should you have your gait analysed?

Poor foot mechanics can be major factors in overuse injuries such as plantarfasciitis (arch pain & heel pain), tibialis posterior dysfunction, runner’s knee, ITB friction syndrome, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis and even all the way up to lower back pain.

Choosing the right sports shoe is like trying to navigating through a mine field if you don’t even know what your feet are doing when you walk or run. There is NO doubt in our mind that wearing the wrong sports shoes will contribute and sometimes even cause overuse injuries.

We have the experience to assess your foot mechanics, recommend the correct shoes for you, a comprehensive rehabilitation program and if orthotics are needed (because they are not always needed) we will explain everything in terms that you will understand.

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