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What are Flat Feet?

Two of the most common terms that new patients complain of are “flat feet” or “fallen arches”. However, more often than not, they are referring to ‘pronation’ where the main arch of the foot rolls inwards. The main arch of the foot is formed via the bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Pronation is a necessary part of walking and running, as the action of pronating provides shock absorption but problems occur when people are excessively pronated or remain pronated for too long.

The majority of the population could be described as having “flat feet” to some degree and it may be the result of genetics, ligamentous laxity, foot & ankle sprains, bone fractures, muscle tears, increasing age and obesity.

fallen arches

Problems associated with Flat Feet

People with “flat feet” often complain of arch & heel pain (plantarfasciitis), joint pain in their feet (osteoarthritis), tired feet and even sore shins, knees and lower back.

If these symptoms occur each time a person stands, walks or runs then their feet may be a factor and you may benefit from the expertise of a suburban Sydney Podiatrist such as those at Orthotic Solutions Podiatry clinics.

Treatment for Flat Feet

The important thing when dealing with flat feet and associated aches & pains is to seek expert help. The sports podiatry team at Orthotic Solutions Podiatry have vast experience in dealing with flat feet pain and focus on the individual circumstances of each patient.

We will perform a complete biomechanical assessment with video treadmill gait analysis, assess current footwear, take into consideration any future exercise goals and provide a comprehensive diagnosis and management plan for each patient.

Often the starting point for treating painful flat feet is as simple as improving the patient’s shoes – yes, orthotics are not always the answer.

However, depending on the severity of the flat feet and associated problems, age of the patient, activity levels, etc. sometimes orthotics may be indicated.

Orthotics for Flat Feet

When orthotics are necessary to treat painful flat feet, we will take into account the severity of the conditions and the amount of activity done to determine the most suitable orthotic, whether it be generic or custom made.

Our custom made sports orthotics are flexible and guide the feet into better positions rather than block their movement – we do not like hard orthotics as they are rarely tolerated by patients.

Typically, pre-made orthotics last months, whereas our custom made sports orthotics are guaranteed to last more than 4 years! Also, remember that all review consultations & adjustments to custom made orthotics are free for 12 months.

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