Services & Fees (Private Patients) Item Codes Fees SAVE $150 OFF Custom  Orthotics at our Maroubra Clinic
Initial Consult, Biomechanical Assessment & Video Treadmill Gait Analysis 004 + 118 $ 200.00 $ 150.00
Negative Plaster Cast for Custom Made Orthotics – 1 Pair 301 x 2 $ 150.00 $ 120.00
Custom Made Orthotics** – 1st Pair (2nd pair receives a minimum 20% off – for more information see Terms & Conditions) 221 x 2 $ 550.00 $  480.00
Total fees for 1 pair of orthotics including all consultations & services $ 900.00 $ 750.00*
Total fees for 2 pairs of orthotics including all consultations & services $ 1340.00 $ 1100.00*


*Order a second pair of orthotics at our Maroubra clinic (with Andrew or Stephanie) for an extra $350, which is a total cost saving for 2 pairs of $240 from start to finish off our standard fees. See Terms & Conditions for more info.

NDIS Patients – We do see ‘Self Managed’ & ‘Plan Managed’ patients and our standard fees apply. Please discuss extra services fees with your podiatrist such as quote & report writing, review appointments, etc.

**If you are in a health fund or covered under a Medicare EPC Plan, a rebate may be claimed for the fitting consultation. Therefore, the orthotic fee may be split into consultation & orthotics to maximise the rebate possible, thus reducing your out of pocket expenses.


Expert assessment, diagnosis & treatments, every time

We will assess your mechanics, footwear, activities, etc. & explain everything in plain language so that you can make an informed decision.

A 4 year orthotic shell guarantee

If your custom made orthotic shells break within 4 years, we will replace them free of charge.

Save a minimum 20% on a 2nd pair of custom made orthotics

Order a 2nd pair of orthotics within 60 days of the fitting date of the 1st pair and you will receive a minimum 20% discount off the original orthotic costs.

A 1 year top-cover guarantee

If your original top-covers wear out within the 1st year, we will replace them free of charge.

Gap free 1st year review consultations

If you have any issues with your custom made orthotics within the 1st year, all consultations are gap free.

The Orthotic Solutions Podiatry commitment to our patients is subject to the *Terms & Conditions detailed on our website.

Services & Fees (Private Patients) Item Code Maroubra Clinic Fees
Routine Footcare (Toenails, callus, corns, warts, etc.) – Maroubra Clinic Only
Initial Consultation or Medicare Enhanced Care Plan (1st visit 10962) 004 (10962) $ 88.00
Regular Consultation or Medicare Enhanced Care Plan (subsequent visits 10962) – applicable if prior consultation was within the last 12 weeks. 012 (10962) $ 75.00
Comprehensive Consultation or Medicare Enhanced Care Plan (subsequent visits 10962) – applicable if prior consultation was more than 12 weeks ago. 014 (10962) $ 83.00
Medicare Enhanced Care Plan patients are entitled to 5 allied health consultations a year. At each visit $53.80 can be refunded directly into a savings account if a Medicare card and a debit/credit card linked to that account is provided.
Orthotic repairs & recovers – Please contact us for a quote.
Medico-Legal, Workers Compensation & Third Party Patients – Please contact us for a quote.

All fees are payable at time of consultation.

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