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Custom Orthotics for Flat Feet in Runners

June 15, 2018

What Do We Mean by ‘Flat Feet’?

As we explain in our article ‘Flat Feet and Fallen Arches’ , ‘flat feet’ and ‘fallen arches’ are two of the most common complaints in new patients. Frequently, these issues are actually what is known as ‘pronation’. While pronation is a crucial and necessary part of walking and running, problems can arise when feet are pronated too much or for too long.

Custom orthotics for flat feet in runners

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There are many different factors that can cause flat feet, including genetics, foot and ankle sprains, increasing age, and obesity.

For runners, the daily impact on their feet is greatly magnified by their chosen sport, it’s level and frequency. Poor foot positioning affects the whole body, so runners with flat feet are more likely to experience foot and lower limb pain or discomfort as a result of running.

Flat Feet and Runners’ Knee

Our article, ‘Runner’s Knee Treatment’, tells you all about Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS, better known as ‘Runner’s Knee’), and how this very common syndrome can hinder any level of runner.

The nickname ‘Runner’s Knee’ refers to the pain or discomfort many runners feel when their patella (or kneecap) moves incorrectly. Usually caused by the stress of running, this sensation can range from a dull, persistent ache through to a sharp, stabbing pain. Pain can occur whilst running, but often running is pain free with the pain occurring after the running has ceased.

Flat feet can play a large role in Runner’s Knee. Excessive pronation of the feet can cause the shin to rotate, leading to poor kneecap alignment. Over time, this misalignment can wear down the joint, resulting in pain and in the longer term, osteo-arthritis.

Custom Orthotics for Runner’s Knee

To start with, it’s crucial that runners have strong core, buttock & leg muscles and that they’re wearing the right shoes for running. Shoes that have gone more than 800km should be retired, and all runners should consult a professional to ensure that they have the right shoe for them.

If you experience persistent problems with runner’s knee, it’s vital that you seek experienced medical assistance as it rarely gets better by itself. At Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, our approach will include an assessment of your running style and an evaluation of your foot biomechanics before recommending how best to proceed. We’ll also show you the best footwear for you and advise muscle rehab exercises.

If necessary, we’ll recommend you to be measured for custom orthotics. Custom orthotics for flat feet in runners provide an excellent, long-term solution for runner’s knee that addresses your specific foot biomechanics and improve your running health and longevity.

Custom orthotics for runner’s knee

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Our Approach to Custom Orthotics

Orthotic Solutions Podiatry conducts a biomechanical assessment of every patient to determine what’s going on with their feet and Runner’s Knee. To create our custom-made orthotics, we take a plaster cast mould or computer scan of your feet and use this information to produce orthotics specifically designed for your foot mechanics, size, age, level of activity, etc. Custom-made orthotics range in cost from $320-$500 per pair and should only be made by experienced podiatrists (as they are the only health professionals who study how to make & adjust them). Click here for a full list of our services and fees.

Our Custom-Made Orthotics Guarantee

To give you peace of mind about investing in custom orthotics, Orthotic Solutions Podiatry provides a four-year structural guarantee on our custom sport orthotics. We guarantee that, if your custom-made orthotic shells break within four years, we will replace them free of charge. We also offer a 20% discount on your second pair of custom-made orthotics and provide free 1st year review consultations to deal with any issues you might experience with your custom-made orthotics. (Conditions apply – click here for full Terms & Conditions)

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