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Custom Orthotics for Overpronation

July 15, 2018

What is Overpronation?

As we noted in our article, ‘Flat Feet and Fallen Arches’, overpronation is often better known by our patients as ‘flat feet’ or ‘fallen arches’. What this typically means is that the main arch of their foot is rolling inwards, or ‘pronating’. This is normal and necessary part of our foot’s movement to absorb shock, allowing us to walk and run without damaging our feet and legs. However, when patients have too much pronation or remain pronated for too long, the patient often experiences pain or discomfort.

Overpronation can be caused by a wide range of inherited and lifestyle factors. Your genetics will play some role in determining both the arch of your feet and normal ligament tension. Previous sprains, breaks, or fractures in your feet and ankles can also contribute to overpronation, as can increasing age and obesity.

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Symptoms of Overpronation

People who suffer from overpronation find that this condition often leads to pain and discomfort. Arch and heel pain (also known as plantar fasciitis) is common, as is joint pain (or osteoarthritis) and fatigue in the feet. Patients may find themselves suffering from calluses, blisters, or bunions due to overpronation.

Symptoms are not limited to the feet, as patients may also experience sore shins, ankles, knees, and even lower back.

If these sensations occur whenever you stand, walk, or run, there is a high likelihood that your feet may be a factor. In this instance, consultation with an experienced podiatrist is essential to address the issue. A video gait assessment, such as the kind performed at Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, can easily determine if you overpronate and whether this is a significant factor in your pain or discomfort.

Are Custom Orthotics Best for Overpronation?

Custom orthotics are not always the answer for patients who overpronate as sometimes a footwear change can solve a lot of problems. However, there are many important factors that have to be considered before a health professional should recommend you to be fitted with custom orthotics.

The severity of your pronation magnified by the level of activity along with the type of associated problems will determine whether custom orthotics are the best option for you. The podiatrists at Orthotic Solutions Podiatry will also take into consideration your age, weight, future goals and any other factors that might make orthotics a good fit for your presenting condition.

If custom orthotics are the best option for you, we will provide you with flexible, shock absorbing sports orthotics to guide your feet into their correct, pain-free positions. We do not use hard, inflexible orthotics as they are rarely tolerated by patients.

The Best Custom Orthotics for Overpronation

Our complete biomechanical assessment of every patient includes a video treadmill gait analysis, joint & muscle testing, evaluation of current footwear, etc. Once completed, we explain our findings to you and if custom orthotics are needed, we take a plaster cast mould or computer scan of your feet and use this information to create our custom-made orthotics. Custom-made orthotics range in cost from $320-$500 per pair and should only be made by experienced podiatrists (as they are the only health professionals who study how to make them). Click here for a full list of our services and fees.

Custom best orthotics for overpronation

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Our Custom-Made Orthotics Guarantees

Our flexible, custom-made orthotics are highly resilient to the daily wear and tear we all expose our feet to. Because we realise orthotics are a significant investment for most people, we give our patients peace of mind with our guarantee that if your custom-made orthotic shells break within four years, we will replace them free of charge. We also offer a 20% discount on your second pair of custom-made orthotics and provide free 1st year review consultations to deal with any issues you might experience with your custom-made orthotics. (Conditions apply – click here for full Terms & Conditions)

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If you’ve been experiencing any of the symptoms we’ve listed and you’re concerned that you may have problems with overpronation, we can help. Located throughout Sydney, our convenient range of clinics—located in Maroubra, Bondi, Rozelle and Kensington (click here for location details)—can provide the quality advice and assistance you need to address your concerns.

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