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Custom Orthotics for High Arches: How Can It Help Me?

November 28, 2018

High arches are not as common as low arches or ‘flat feet’. Significant height in your arch can best be noticed if your footprint only shows the heel and ball of your foot. The lack of a middle imprint often means you have a higher than average arch.

orthotics for high arches

We are often on our feet all day; the incorrect support can cause constant discomfort and pain.

What is the Cause of High Arched Feet?

In most cases, high arches are simply caused by genes. There is no “right or wrong” style of a foot, some unfortunately cause issues and some don’t. There are cases where neurological conditions will cause high arches as well, but these are quite rare.


High arched feet will not cause the same issues in everyone. Problems that can arise however include:

  • Foot, leg and even lower back pain during physical activity
  • Less flexibility in the foot
  • Difficulty with footwear creating excess friction or pressure
  • Frequent ankle sprains
best orthotics for high arches

The four basic arch types: The footprint is the easiest way to tell the type of arch of your feet.

How Custom Orthotics for High Arches Can Help

Orthotics for high arches can provide cushioning to support and structure the foot, distributing the weight evenly. Not only does this keep your feet comfortable, but it also relieves pressure on your heels and ball of the feet by spreading the load to your arches.

The Main Benefits of Custom Orthotics for High Arches

The best orthotics for high arches are customized to the exact needs of your foot. Every foot is different, so off-the-shelf orthotics may not always get to the root of the issue.

Custom orthotics typically will aim to:

  • Be soft to act as a shock absorber
  • Alleviate pain in the foot as well as the ankle, leg, and lower back
  • Correctly align the foot and leg
  • Assist in balance
  • Support the high arch and heel
  • Minimize bunions and clawed digits
  • Distribute pressure across the bottom of the foot

You may also see an improvement in the longevity of walking or sporting activities.

custom orthotics for high arches

Custom orthotics work to the individual needs of each foot, providing the exact support you require for the best outcome.

Healthy Feet Mean a Healthy Body

Foot pain is a deterrent for exercise and can affect sleep, it’s uncomfortable and decreases your quality of life. It does not, however, need to be this way! Custom orthotics for high arches, and various other foot related issues restore balance which will prevent foot problems from getting worse.

They will be especially helpful if there is a disparity between the structure of your feet, a problem that standard orthotics will not be able to detect or solve.

Try custom orthotics today, we’re sure you’ll agree that they:

  1. Fit better to your unique specifications
  2. Work better at providing the arch support and shock absorption
  3. Last longer and can be repaired every year or 2

Put Comfort Back Into Your Step Today

A set of custom orthotics for those with high arches may be the key to living a more active and comfortable life. Speak to Orthotic Solutions Podiatry today to organize an evaluation of your foot, and the right orthotic to improve your gait. Call us to set up an appointment, our knowledgeable podiatrists are on hand to make sure that foot, leg or back pain becomes a thing of the past.


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