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Are Custom Orthotics for Flat Feet in Toddlers Necessary?

May 15, 2018

What Do We Mean by ‘Flat Feet’ in Toddlers?

Our article ‘Children’s Flat Feet Treatment — The Truth about Kids’ Orthotics’ provides all the information you need about flat feet in children. This term is often incorrectly used to describe the foot’s arch height, or a tendency to pronate (or roll in).

The most important point for parents to take away is that flat feet are a completely normal part of a child’s development. For most children, pre-made orthotics can help improve their function, coordination and stability as children grow, but they cannot be used as a corrective device. No orthotic (custom or pre-made) will change your child’s genetic pre-programmed arch height.

flat feet in children

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Why Would A Toddler Need Custom Orthotics?

There are, however, extenuating circumstances in which fitting young children for custom-made orthotics could be appropriate. This should only occur though if the child has a diagnosable condition, significant pain, or developmental disorders. These conditions need to be assessed by a podiatrist experienced in childhood conditions.

The following symptoms are considered to be “within normal limits” and would not require custom made orthotics:

  • Shows evidence of ‘pigeon-toe’ (toes in) or ‘penguin toe’ (toes out) walking gait;
  • Has no visible arch in the instep;
  • Tends to toe walking or heel walking;
  • Occasional stumbling or otherwise clumsy gait, including tripping over their feet;
  • Shows excessive scuffing on the toes of their shoes;
  • Shows excessive wear on the inside or outside heel of their shoes;
  • Tires easily when walking;

The following symptoms in severe cases may indicate a need for custom made orthotics in toddlers & children:

  • Early Bunion development – yes it can occur in children;
  • Complaints of pain in the feet, legs, or knees when walking or active;
  • Accessory Navicular – an extra bone on the inside of the foot;
  • Deliberately avoids physical activities because of lower limb pain or fatigue.

If your child is displaying these kinds of symptoms, an experienced podiatrist would need to assess whether they required orthotics – pre-made or custom made.

Our Approach to Custom Orthotics

Orthotic Solutions Podiatry conducts a biomechanical assessment of every patient to determine what’s going on with their feet. Our custom-made orthotics  are made by taking a plaster cast mould or computer scan of the feet and this information is used to create orthotics specifically designed for your child.

Custom-made orthotics range in cost from $320-$500 per pair and should only be made by experienced podiatrists (as they are the only health professionals who study how to make & adjust them). Click here for a full list of our services and fees.

Custom orthotics for flat feet in toddlers

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Our Custom-Made Orthotics Guarantees

We realise orthotics are a significant investment for most people, which is why we prefer pre-made for children. We also know that children grow so fast, but we have never had a child grow out of our custom made orthotics.

To ensure we are taking the best possible care of our patients and providing them with excellent quality service, we guarantee that if your child’s custom-made orthotic shells break within four years, we will replace them free of charge.

We also offer a 20% discount on your second pair of custom-made orthotics and provide a free 1st year review consultation to deal with any issues you might experience with your custom-made orthotics. (Conditions apply – click here for full Terms & Conditions)

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